Unmatched Impact Resistance


3D printing enables us to create a crumple zone that can compress almost 3x more than traditional helmets. 

This structure allows the helmet to shear when needed or compress when needed based on the impact eliminating the need for both MIPS or an extra layer.

Why 3D Print?

3D printing enables us to create our HEX HONEYCOMB STRUCTURE™ crumple zone that can compress almost 3x more than traditional helmets and is not possible with traditional manufacturing.

3D Printing also brings the manufacturing in-house. Resulting in:

  • The perfect custom fit for every KAV helmet
  • Faster innovation from rider feedback
  • Superior quality control, ensuring the perfect product every time

Innovative Materials

Rather than use the industry-standard EPS foam, our team has developed a proprietary KAV PolyCarbon Composite™.

Constructed from polycarbonate with a propriety polymer blend which provides strength, superior energy absorption and naturally wicks heat 8x better than EPS foam even in the most extreme conditions.

Net-Zero Waste

Protecting the individual while harming the planet is not a compromise we’re willing to make. Each KAV helmet is made to order, as each helmet is made one-of-one for your exact measurements. No excess product, no extra unnecessary waste.

custom fit & made for you

The Portola & Portola: Kaze

Born from innovation, engineered to perform. No pressure points or dials to adjust. The worlds best fit: Guaranteed