Patents and Patents Pending

We keep many of the important trade secrets under our mattresses. For everything else including but not limited to innovations in the helmet design, impact management system, the quick play retention system, cage, adjustable chin cups, occipital lock mechanisms, fit system, customization processes, manufacturing processes, 3d printers and software have patents or patents pending. We'll reference any patents here, as they are published, in accordance with 35 USC § 287(a).

Hockey Helmet H1, Vallco 

US 10,499,700 - Helmet with flexible structure for improved force attenuation

US 17/540,133 (patent pending) - Adjustable chin cup

Bike Helmet, Portola

US 10,499,700 - Helmet with flexible structure for improved force attenuation

US 62/754,666

US 62/823,115

US 63/251,164

US 63/324,972


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